Family and Friends since 1975

Where we came from…

Long ago (1975) and someplace in Apollo, PA (a basement)…a man named Deane turned his fish hobby into a side-business. From its humble beginnings of painted cement floors in a walk-space fit for only a few, he and his family worked lovingly at his hobby…

…and nurtured it into what it is today.

Back then in a much simpler world, a wooden hand-painted sign adorned his front yard. Black letters spelled out, “The Fish Bowl” over top (of course) a fish silhouette. The sign was illuminated with a single overhead light under a makeshift canopy. Parking was up and down the street, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sometimes people would walk a block or more from their parking spot to visit. Families of folk from near and far came to buy some ornaments and gravel and pick a pet fish from the selection in a handful of fish tanks. His daughter (me), sold five-year-old hand-painted pet rocks at the reasonable price of 10 cents each.

The highlight of any customer’s visit was to watch Deane don heavy-duty rubber gloves to feed and “pet” the electric eel. To a little “pet rock entrepreneur” watching by the register, that wet pet seemed too dangerous and too slimy to entertain. It also seemed that maybe her father was…well, TOTALLY BONKERS! The highlight of dad’s day was plenty…he was working with what he loved and making good, lifelong friends.

Year after year, so many people have come and gone. After all the years, we still work side-by-side at a “hobby” we love. You’ll find us in a larger place now and known as The Fish Bowl Too, with lots more stuff. Our objective has always been to introduce the experience of a great memory-making hobby that we’ve always loved and to add the missing pet that completes a family. We strive to service our community with great items, while adding in years of experience and knowledge, and to make some good friends.

These days, you’ll find us still dabbling in fish (mostly tropical, pond, brackish and even bait fish), but we carry so much more….stuff like small animals, reptiles, cats and birds. We have 106 aquariums (with fish), all kinds of feeders and supplies for nearly every animal. If we haven’t got what you’re looking for, we’ll try to find it for you.

This isn’t just a job to us. We love pets in good homes where they’re loved and cared for. We love this hobby that brings families together, the way it’s always held us together. Stop on by “The Bowl” …and make a new friend. Thanks for reading our story.

Story by the pet rock entrepreneur, (Brenda)

P.S. No electric eels or pet rocks.