“If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever…” author: David Ellsworth from The Serenity of Selfism

I spent a lifetime never believing in fate, not once…

…until a twist of it brought you to my world.

You came from far away, you were not who I’d gone searching for, yet there you were…when I called.

Do you remember the first time we met? I lifted you so carefully from your makeshift transport box, your body and spirit ever so broken, your beautiful eyes filled with despair, uncertainty and a glimmer of something more…oh yes, there was hope and trust. You told me then how you’d just found safe arms and a home…and then you clung to me so tight…and we both felt love. Do you remember that day…that day when I rescued you?

I didn’t know the changes in my life to come because of you or what you would do in my heart. How could I know what you would show me? How could I know what you would teach? You didn’t tell me I had no control of this, you didn’t tell me you would be my best friend, that you would stamp your paw prints on my heart.

My time of vigil passed as I cared to ease your pain, to return you back to the perfect you were born. Time grew us inseparable, so close so fast. Each joyful day with you, so filled with smiles while exploring adventures near and far, our footprints side-by-side, no worries together, no track of time. Little miracles began, your body to mend as you looked to me for an approving smile before you crossed another healing hurdle…until one day, when you could almost run again. How fast you came when I called out. Do you remember how our love grew stronger every day? Do you remember how I gave all I could for you and then you gave back even more?

You always waited patiently by for me each time I left…yes, I noticed. So many times how you gently placed your paw to me and I could hear you say, “Hey there, you’re not alone. I love you so much”. Each moment with you in my arms, my world was complete…because you’d found the way to give me everything…everything without giving me…anything at all. 

You left me in amazement, each day you showed to me your one-of-a-kind. We found heaven together, right here… yes, right here on earth. You didn’t tell me fate had twisted just to save me…for until you, I’d never known real, true love.

And you didn’t want to tell me other things…like when your time had come, that it was time to say good-bye. One more twist of fate with one last beat of your precious little heart.

Now each day goes by with tears of loneliness and pain. Arms that once held love so tight and close…just empty. Your memory gives me company day to day, when I feel alone and sometimes just because. The gifts you left me spill over from my broken heart. Sometimes I think I see you sitting in a favorite spot, but I know you can’t come if I call to you. Every day I miss you and wish to have you back. Every night I hope for a sweet visit from you in my dreams. How could you be taken from all that was us? Happily ever after…that’s not supposed to end. How could so much love not keep you where we both wanted you to be?

It is said we’ll meet again someday, that right now you are well and at play while you wait once again on that bridge of colors for me…so every night I pray to find that true. Until that day, time won’t wash away the memory of all the wonderful of you. No friend will take your place, for yours was the heart mine was always meant for. I will never say good-bye.

A day of my life for another love-filled one with you…another adventure, one more smile, once again your paw in my hand, just one more little miracle, and a million times to remind you, “I’ll always love you.”

Dynasty…you are all things love. Thank you for changing me, for showing me, for teaching me.